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Gcarz: The Ultra-violence lyrics

Dont Battle:
Im pissed at the world,cuz i came in third,every 1s talkin but i wont say a word.My eyes shoot lazer beams,my lifes worth nuthin it seems,look at my head then it steams.My head fones are on all the time,cuz im waitn 4 my turn to shine,oh wait hold up heres my favorite line.Fart,squoosh,pow,boof,bang,i pull my pants down and show em my wang,then go ape shit like the mokeys from tang.The alarm is soundin,i cant swim im drowndin,scared check my pulse its poundin.I wish my life could be better,loved dis girl from the first time i met her,mis my fam mabay i send em a letter.People at school suck,i just dont give a fuk,my school works missin im shit outa luck.Im ready to die,depressed i wont lie,hungry i just want a piece of da pie.I got my glock cocked,for so many rappers i mocked,get ready for this dese punks will get clocked.I make beats like irv gotti,then take a shit on da potti,then lite up da blunt and take a shotty.I'll come up n spray,fuk up ya whole day,then take all the stains out like a can of lime away.I'll burn u in a tarpit,put ur body in a carpet,then dump gasoline all over to spark it.I'll start buildin in the afternoon,mix da ingredients wit a spoon,then lite a single match KABOOM!
Chorus:Yall aint ready cuz yall dont battle now
            Yall aint ready cuz yall dont battle right
            Yall aint ready cuz yall battles is wack
            We gonna take u down wit a single hit.
Im from da east,make war not peace.Fuk around get jacked up,smacked up.Talk shit get mic macked up gatted up.Eva since i wuz a kid didnt know wut tommy did.Like wut? hittin off a conny kid.Yea right dog hittin off a poly wog.U lie please dont deny im the only 1 touchin the sun.Hit em off wit a double barrel shotgun.I go to a rave hit up a babe, wit a kid named dave, dave who,u dats who.In westerns they yell i got u,fuk around i shot u, thats the only problem wit kids up in da biz 14 and still dont know wut sex is,chex mix, wut u say, chex mix bitch shut ur mouth cuz u aint nuttin but a snitch.Drivin ur car come around da bend. Wut a short song?...This is da end
Chorus (4X)

Im too lazy.......i dont feel like putting more songs right now.....there will be more soon!!

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